Welcome to Paxton’s Blessing Box

Our Mission:
Bringing HOPE to those in need, ONE BLESSING at a time.

— A non-perishable food pantry —
Take a blessing when you need one, Leave a blessing when you can.

A special message regarding COVID-19 …

Paxton’s Blessing Box is here for our communities and visitors, when they need us most! The red food pantry boxes around Wichita and in several Kansas towns (and emerging in other US states) are open 24/7, but it takes everyone, everywhere to be kind and extend a blessing, when you can!

We believe that everyone deserves to have access to non-perishable food and other essentials, especially in these new times of uncertainty. That’s why our Blessing Box crews are working hard to keep something in those red blessing boxes. We ask, while at your local grocery store shopping for your own family, please consider picking up a can or two of soup or peanut butter or macaroni and cheese and drop it in a Paxton’s Blessing Box near you.

Thank you so much, from Paxton, Maggie and all 75 boxes – We love kindred spirits that freely give and support our mission!