#Inthistogether ( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 

What a week it has been. We hope everyone is hanging in there and staying safe amidst this unprecedented COVID-19 event! This is a wild time we are all experiencing. Paxton and I were able to go do a little bit of shopping this week. We had canned goods more than anything so we focused on dry goods. In the last 30 days we have pushed out 64 boxes of food to our hosts to stock their boxes. Our pantry is starting to look bare but we are doing our best to fill it back up. If you are at the store and want to grab something for a box near you… we would suggest the following:

Granola Bars, Oatmeal, Canned Meat, Crackers, Peanut Butter, CerealCanned/Cups Fruit, Pop Tarts, Kid Friendly Snacks and as we move into warmer weather months bottled water. Or, as always, we can do the stopping for you!

Paxton thought it was so cool keeping track of how many items we put in our carts. I felt like we were on Supermarket Sweep. We made a pact in the car. Sanitize and run! We went close to their closing time, as arranged with the store manager because I was paranoid that people would think we were hoarding 🙄 She did make us a darling sign and said that she and her store, among others, are 100% behind our mission and not to worry about a thing! So we didn’t! 🤗 We had a list of things we wanted to look for and it was successful!! We had so much fun! Of course Paxton is competitive in everything he does 😎 If you would like to give a monetary donation, click over to the home page and “Donate” in the menu bar.

We appreciate everyone of you!💙🧡 ~Maggie


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