Paxton’s Blessing Box started from a simple idea that Maggie Ballard saw on social media back in August 2016. She shared the photo with her son, Paxton, and they both felt that their house would be the perfect place for a Blessing Box.

Shortly afterwards they enlisted the skills of a handy friend who built the first Blessing Box. Maggie and Paxton placed it in their front yard and panted it bright red, their favorite color. Next, they filled it with food and personal hygiene products, it’s been stocked by donations ever since.

There are currently 21 Blessing Boxes in Kansas, and one in North Carolina. Maggie and Paxton’s goal is to continue sponsoring boxes and adding new locations across the United States.

Since starting their journey back in 2016, the mother and son duo have learned that hunger is a larger issue within the city. Thru the support of the community, they believe that we can make a positive change in a person’s life, one blessing at a time.